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Qatar truely does have some really great things to do. For those who don't know where to look, we've provided this resource for you. There's plenty to see. Believe it or not, Qatar was once called the most boring place on earth. It's true to be honest, it used to be nothing more than a sand pit. However with the petro and gas dollars flowing in, it's turning into an unbelievable marvel.
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So you're a touring person huh? There's plenty of guides and tours to go through in order to enjoy a great day out. Tours include city tours, safaris, mosque tours, activity tours, and then you've got the wide open sea! We'll do our best to cover everything there is to enjoying the sights hassle free. Be prepared though because you might find that you're addicted to 4WDs.
When it comes to touring, only Qatar, the UAE, and Oman know how to do it right. Time for some beautiful views and some amazing sites right? Best of all, you don’t need to pack much, yep everything’s provided.

Desert Tours

Once you’ve gone into the desert you’ll find a variety of things to do. Who knew sand could be fun? A day out might involve a bit of Dune bashing, sand boarding (which is so amazingly fun!), if you’re by the sea area or at the inland sea, you could go for a bit of a dip, and end the day Arabian style. Imagine a colorful tent, full of traditional instruments, the soft wind, a nice carpet, some tea on the flame, a bit of personal belly dancing, and some sheesha. Nothing except you, nature, and the sky. If you’re lucky, someone might bring their Oud (Arabic lute). They say that some of the most magical stories were thought up with this very surrounding.

Sea Tours

There are two types, either the tours that’ll take you off to the smaller islands (which are great to camp on and fish near at), or you can take a little cruise around the bay. When it comes to visiting the islands you’ll see some great views. Some of the islands are so close to other countries that you’ll be forgiven for thinking you can swim over. At one Island I visited, I could see the emirates in the distance. However if you don’t want to venture out that far, don’t worry, the Corniche cruises on the traditional dhows are something that you might enjoy sitting on. During the day, it can be quite hot, but they usually serve some juice and some crisps to enjoy. During the night, you’ll be mesmerized by the combination of old and new by seeing the skyline shoot out into the heavens.

City Tours

To be honest, these really aren’t my style, but you might want to consider this if you wanted to take a look at the country. You’re usually taken on a bus and driven around with a tour guide. According to a guide, the typical views that you might experience include the camel market, museums, the Corniche, the dhow building yard, the falcon market, the fish market, the gold souk, and the fruit and vegetable traditional market. These can take up most of your day. You can also get tours outside of Doha and view some lovely views at Al Khor or at Al Wakra.

Mosque Tours

One of the many questions I’m often asked is, ‘can I go into a mosque?’. Yes you can, in fact they’ll be more than happy to show you around. You’ll see lush carpets, podiums, the area where you tawadha (wash up), and in some cases, some amazing crystal chandeliers. Some Mosques though don’t like to show off the place of worship as an attraction so you’ll be taken to some of the famous ones. When visiting though, remember the following rules, dress properly, no short sleeves and your shorts should cover your knees. Women should cover their hair.
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